Jun 2, 2010

What's Up With That?

Got a caption or a story for this?

Lies or Creativity? Hmmm.

I was given this award by the very lovely and talented, Paty Jager. I can either give you 6 lies with one truth or 6 truths with one lie. I think I will go with six truths and one lie. Can you guess which? [hmm, maybe my website will help you figure a few out]

1.  I spent my childhood in a stable as one of the few 'cowgals' on the east coast.
2.  The first story I ever wrote was about a horse. "Wesco". I was about 8.
3.  I'm a lawyer.
4.  I am a whiz with computers. I have like a natural karma. They love me.
5.  I was once a punk rocker with pink spiky hair.
6. My favorite subject [beyond astronomy & sci fi] is Sumer.
7.  I know the Canadian national anthem.