Jun 3, 2010

Immersion, Tech Difficulty and The Lie is ...

I needed to update my website blogs. So I did. http://mpaxauthor.com/writersdesk.php My tutorial on writing description / setting. It's one of my greatest strengths, so I'm sharing.

My right arm has been acting up for the last week. I've probably been working too hard. So, I'm limiting my computer time. For those not in the know, I've had bilateral carpal tunnel since the early 1990's. With my ergo keyboard & trackball, I usually don't have trouble these days. But it likes to act up a few times a year just to keep me on my toes I suppose. I do have voice recognition, [purchased in the fall when both arms were acting up] but I busted the headset. I tried to replace yesterday at Best Buy and Office Max. Niether had what I needed. Dragon is a bit of a diva, so I need a particular headset made by plantronics. The headset that comes in the box doesn't work. Nice, huh? Anyway, I ended up having to order it online. So, excuse my light commenting until the arm heals. I am reading though.

Yesterday, the lie was #4. The exact opposite is true. My karma makes computers do awful things for me - like software never loads for me. Sometimes when my computer is really giving me grief, I have to have my husband come in here and touch it for awhile. Computers do love him. And I am no computer whiz. I am maybe slightly better than average as a user, but that's it. I don't know how to program or anything like that.

Have a great day. Be kind to your body.