Jun 17, 2010

Thrilling Inspiration

Switching back and forth from daywalker to night shift during the observatory season is hard on me. Especially now that I am trying to get my novel all spit and polished by beginning of August. I'm kind of resigned to the fact that I probably won't be done by then, but I'll be close. Close enough to pitch. I can put an expected completion date on my one sheet if need be, or say so aloud when speaking. Maybe I'll surprise myself and be closer to done than I'm estimating. Although, I must say that rarely happens. It usually ends up taking more time not less.

I quit second guessing myself on my death star / solar system killing scenario. At least, for now.  Been diligently working on my one sheet and my pitch this week. Making sheets with summaries, blurbs, GMCs [character goals, motivations & conflicts], platform, etc ... My synopsis needs work, but I'm going to wait until I get most of the rewrite done to redo it. End of July seems a good time to revisit it. My one sheet is looking purty. I need a new photo of me. I told husband when I get my hair done in July we shall get a nice new photo of me.

Anyway, last weekend up at Pine Mountain observatory was fantastic. It was new moon and we had crystal clear skies. My favorite objects made their reappearance signalling the coming of summer. I literally gasped when the Lagoon Nebula came into view. It's my favorite. I gasped again when my second favorite - the owl cluster under Cassiopeia - came into view.

I found M5 again and some other star clusters I've not found before. Also got one of my nemesis objects - the Dumbbell Nebula - in. No luck with the galaxies in the big dipper. However, the big dipper is almost straight over head right now, which makes it hard to aim at. New were M93, the Eagle Nebula [although that dang swan keeps eluding me] and ... I'd have to go look up the others on my star charts.

It was cold as usual. I turn into a sort of human air conditioner. Husband claims he can feel the cold radiating off of me when I walk in the house. Sometimes I do not feel warm again until well into the next day.

This weekend I am taking Friday night off as it is Husband & I's 16th wedding anniversary. He says he'd like to see me. I'm also busy getting ready to go away next week. I have so much to do, it keeps me up at night. I lay thinking about pitches and one sheets and GMC's and what to pack and what I need to get loaded onto the new netbook. I get up at 1 a.m. to go scibble ideas down or add things to my lists in the closet or the bathroom. I feel closer to ready in having the business end done. Maybe soon I can focus solely on completing the spit and polish of the novel. Please me! Please get to the rewrite of the section you're thowing out and redoing next week. If you do that, I'm in really good shape. If not, you're going to drive me crazy.

Working at the observatory helps keep me calm. It rebalances me. Recenters me. I dream of the stars I see through my telescope when I get home. I see them when I write my stories and draw on the thrill of discovery to inspire me. I'm going to need a lot of rebalancing through August. A lot.