Jun 10, 2010

It's Worse Than That, Jim


Husband and I have been watching Star Trek: TOS. We started with season two at Christmas, because I mistakenly ordered it instead of season one. We got season one for Valentines and got season three, because we finished the other two. It's been so long since I've seen it, it's almost like watching a new show. It's still as loveable as it was. Still relevant, too. What's also fun is naming all the other sci-fi shows that did similar episodes to TOS.

Ah, to create something so timeless ... every writer's dream.

With my hand health improving, I've been able to get back at things this week. Yay. The revisions are going all right. Slower than I'd like, but they're going. Chapter 31, which was the bane of my existance, is probably now one of the best I've ever written. Frustration and hate can lead to something beautiful. It was a relief to figure out why I hated the chapter. Sometimes you can't pinpoint it right away. It was just wrong. The wrong mood. The wrong emphasis.

Moving on ... Hope to start on rewriting the part I'm throwing out and redoing next week.

My critique group was kind enough to help me with brainstorming my 'elevator pitch' / 'hookline' over the weekend. That led to several ideas yesterday, which made me feel better. I was having real trouble with it. I also have trouble with titles sometimes. The title for the novel I'm editing probably took a year or longer, bouncing ideas back and forth with my video genius. At any rate, the consensus was my hookline needs to be unique and not taken from popular references [such as Stargate or the like]. I suppose that's where the difficulty lay for me. But it always helps to have the use of other people's brain power when stuck.

Maybe this is wrong, but I also printed out the novel up to where I've revised and started reading it. This led to some minor fixes in prologue through chapter 4.

Whatever your goal, there's only one way to reach it: keep going. That's what I'm going to do. :)

Oh, Second Sunday is this weekend. Can you guess which day? LOL I plan on reading my poem, DreamPlay. Can watch or read it here: http://mpaxauthor.com/biblio.php?storyid=14

If you're in Central Oregon, Bend Public Library, 2:00 p.m., Brooks Room.