Jun 30, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So to speak.

Catching up after a week away. It was a good trip. Long hours spent on planes and in airports, especially last Wednesday where I spent too many hours at O'Hare. Thankfully, I found an outlet and had my new netbook to entertain me.

I actually did get some work done while I was away. Love that little netbook. It even has me thinking about converting this beast to Windows 7. Going to test one thing before I decide on that and I'm going to finish editing the novel before I go screwing with changing the OS. It would mean reloading all my software, which is a time-consuming pain in the patootie. So, I'll not think about it seriously until the manuscript is done.

I'm not as far as I would have liked to have gotten, but farther than I would be without the netbook. I quite enjoyed the mini computer and with the new mouse 6000 that works wireless on any surface, I was comfortable using it. Mostly. I have an ergonomic keyboard on this beast and still have not adapted to using a straight keyboard. It feels weird.

The vacation was fabulous. Seeing my family was fabulous and too short. We went out for a sinfully delicious dinner to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary one night. Although my middle feels expanded, I don't regret it. Got together with my old high school friends. We went up to the casino at Niagara falls. I won $10. Woo hooo! I'm not a big gambler. Obviously. LOL I had great luck with machines with cowboys on them.

It was great to catch up and make new memories with family and friends. Going back to WNY always leaves me feeling like I have one foot in different worlds. WNY is so familiar. In a way, it is still home. Yet Bend is home, too, and I don't want to have to start over anywhere else. I love living here.

The cats are so happy I'm home, they woke me up about 500 times last night for cuddles. Although slightly annoying, it was nice to be so missed and loved. They've been smiley all day today.

Currently on my third load of laundry. What a fun day! After 13 hours of travel time yesterday, my brain is still a little mushy. However, it did not prevent me from copying my edited manuscript over to the beast here and get at it. I realize August looms large. I'm pleased with how it's going. Just wish I could get it there faster.

Missed you all. Hope you had a great week!