Jul 1, 2010

Humidity, Holidays and a Lunar Eclipse

Central Oregon and Western New York had about the same temperatures yet WNY felt a lot hotter. When I came back on Tuesday, I got immediate goosebumps when I walked out of the airport. No humidity. It really does make a difference. I kept up with my exercise while away, getting in a walk almost every day. Averaging about 6 miles or more. Here are a few things I saw:

Looking across the Niagara at Fort Erie, Ontario

Am I going to Guantanamo for this? Homeland security tower behind my parents' house. Seriously. Not only is there a tower, but Homeland Security SUV's, boats and helicopters patrolling up and down their road.

Over the weekend, there was a lunar eclipse. My friends at the observatory e-mailed me this pic, taken by Eric Holcomb:

It's a big holiday weekend in the States. Enjoy. Don't blow yourself up or get carried away with the lighter fluid. I'll be spending Friday and Saturday night up at the observatory.

Why is it when you reconnect with some people it's as if you were never apart?

The family. A scan of a photo, thus the graininess.

Gals I went to high school with.