Jul 20, 2010

Signs of the Clarke Kind

Yesterday while visiting Charmaine's blog http://clancytales.blogspot.com/ I was introduced to a site that will analyze a manuscript and tell me who I write like. My curiosity piqued I visited http://iwl.me/s/4ed0f33f and plugged in the first chapter of my WIP. Yes, the one I will be trying to sell in three weeks.

I was tickled pink to see ARTHUR C. CLARKE pop up. Not only is he one of my idols, he still inspires what I write and how I think of how to put a story together. If I latch onto just a little of that, I consider my writing a success. So, yes, I was flattered senseless and thrilled that it came up I write most like him.

Ninety minutes later, after my workout, I got my lunch and sat down to watch a little TV. What was on? 2001: A Space Odyssey. Wow. That was the story that snagged my imagination as a kid. My dad took my older brother and I to see the movie as my brother was reading the book in school. It blew me away. Did I understand it? No. But, that's what I continue to love about that story - it made me think, it made me wonder, it made me ponder. I read the book shortly after watching the movie. I was still in elementary school. But I was awed.

Thirty minutes later, as I sat down to continue work, my closet light turned on by itself. Was it Arthur's ghost coming to pay a call? Probably not, but it's a nice little fancy and adds to the story. So, I'll take creative license and say it was. Either him, or my old cat Mr. Sox. However, Mr. Sox never turned on lights.

Arthur C. Clarke I miss you. RIP. Thanks for all the inspiration, wonder and awe that I strive to put into my work. Seems enough that I write most like you. After the Moon landings, you were the next point of total awe and wonderment. I may not have become a writer or an astronomer without that.

It's great fodder to boost my confidence and spirits as I ready for my face-to-face pitches and a shot at selling my work.

Want to know who you write most like? http://iwl.me/

PS. Thanks for the laughs yesterday. I'm in a much better mood today. So, thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.