Jul 8, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

This Sunday I am reading at Second Sunday at the Bend Public Library. Brooks Room at 2:00 p.m. I will be reading the prologue from The Skies in Hand, the novel I've been working so hard to perfect these past months.

Almost have my one sheet done. I plan to work up a new synopsis by the end of the weekend.

I'm still editing. Have chapters to tweak and new ones to write. I estimate about ... Six chapter to write fresh. Maybe seven. At the top end, ten chapters. I find original writes go faster than edits in most cases. Go figure.

My husband asks me last night: Do you ever stop thinking about your book?
Honestly, no. Everything under the sun slips my mind as I poke at every detail ad nauseum and then continue to poke at it. So, pardon me while I live with my head inside my novel through the next couple of weeks as I push to complete it and get ready for my meetings. I am obsessive that way. I will think about little else as I feel the need to get ready and get my thoughts 'on'.

Change of topic. I met a friend's in-law's for a beer the other night as they're in town. Turns out the husband knew my grandfather quite well as they were both railroad men. What a small world. Odd coincidence as I was just thinking about my grandfather. Probably because I just returned from Buffalo and a huge photo I have of Niagara Falls hanging in my hallway came from his summer house [where my parents' house now stands]. So, I think of him and my grandmother everyday as I walk past that photo numerous times. I love that photo. It reminds me of Sundays spent in the summer at that little cottage; swimming in the river, running in the yard, Grandma's happy hour, dinners around a huge table with the whole family and many dishes prepared from what was harvested out in the garden. Cold beer and cool breezes. Too many pears to eat, which resulted in my grandmother and mother getting very inventive and us not always enjoying the results. LOL I would think of those days naturally in the summers, but that photo makes them more vivid.

Another change in topic: Summer has finally arrived in Central Oregon. High 80's today. Maybe 90 tomorrow. Will probably still need thermal socks up at the observatory, but I'll wait to put them on until I get there. It's new moon this weekend, so as long as the weather holds [they're predicting thunderstorms tomorrow] it should be fantastic viewing. With the warmer weather, we'll probably get more guests. Which may mean mayhem. Those crazy nights from last season are still way too fresh. We really could use more help on nights like that. There's usually just 3-4 of us. Not enough on nights like those. I'll hold the quiet nights dear. Those are the ones that recharge my batteries.