Jul 26, 2010

77,000 and in Good Shape

Last week I held to my goal - 1,000+ words a day and one new chapter a day. I sit at almost 77,000 words and probably have 2-3 chapters to go. I hate the chapter I wrote yesterday. Haven't figured out why yet. So, that has slowed me down. I better figure it out quick.

Woke up at 2 a.m. with the realization something I mentioned waaay back in chapter 6, I never followed up on. So, I went back to read that part this morning then had to figure out what to do about it. Made a note to follow up on it in a later chapter where it will work in nicely. So phew.

Also researched my 'death' star scenario again. I really wish I'd quit second guessing myself. Since I am not an astrophysicist, however, I can't help it. I worry I have it wrong.

At any rate, I should be done with the writing by the end of the week and about halfway or better with re-edits of the edits. I'm at chapter 21 of that right now. So, I've been working on three chapters every day. One old one and two new ones. The new chapters still need more TLC, but it will get done. I feel confident about finishing and being ready in 12 days.

I somehow screwed up the date of the conference and thought it was August 8th, but Saturday is the 7th. Then I panicked that I registered the conference and the hotel on the wrong days. So, I went and double checked. Everything is right and set up for Saturday. Phew!

Spilled water on my desk on Thursday. Had to give up my workout to go purchase a new keyboard. It had been tucked under the desk in its tray, so I thought the water missed it. Nope. Started typing and water was squirting out everywhere. The new keyboard would not type, of course. So, I got to spend two hours of my precious time on the phone with microsoft. "You can type in your problem and resolve it online." "No, I can't. The keyboard won't work." "Oh." "Yeah, oh." I plugged the netbook in, but it refused to go online. Technology was just hating me end of last week. Translated over to problems with the 24's systems [I was running the big scope this weekend]. Gah!

However, lots of friends showed up at PMO this weekend and many nice people. Professors, mabye two new volunteers, one of the Word Herd, volunteers we'd not seen in awhile. So, it was a great weekend at the observatory. Made up for last week. Had a good time with old friends and new ones. They all got into taking photos through the telescope.