Jul 12, 2010

New Fans. Skies is Buzzing.

My reading went really well yesterday. Please. You all remind me come first week in August right before I leave for Portland. Remind me that folks got excited. Remind me that people wanted to buy the book right then and made me promise I would call them when I had a publication date. Remind me they wanted to know more.

As a writer, that's what I live ... write for. The whole purpose of a prologue is to intrigue folks into wanting to read the rest of the book. So, mission accomplished.

"I can't see how you won't end up selling that." Awww. I wish I had a recording of that to play 200 million times before I walk into my first pitch.

With Suzanne Burns and Quinton Hallett as the published, accomplished authors reading first, I was not so sure how I'd fare yesterday. But I did fine. I did not expect people throwing their cards at me with shining eyes. "What happens at Neptune?" Tell us. Tell us!

A taste of what's to come? The Universe knows I hope so. Many of you know how hard I've worked, especially on this first manuscript. The first takes more work than any other. So, I feel a payout on effort, time and work is in order sometime soon.

No matter what happens in August, I will keep at it. Why? Days like yesterday. Folks with shining eyes eager to hear the rest of the story. Taking my card with big grins.

I will miss Second Sunday in August as I will be in Portland. I am hoping on my way home with good news. I will be reading as part of the Guild's Member Showcase on Thursday, August 26th though. I haven't decided what I'm reading yet.

I do plan on writing new shorts for Second Sundays in October and November. Sepetember they are celebrating their 6th birthday for Second Sundays. I will celebrate, too. I'm glad I found them. I love their program. I love the opportunity to practice what I most feared about this career. I love getting fans solely from hearing my work. There's nothing more gratifying. I love having another group of people rooting for me.

I also need to get something together for Orycon in November. They have readings, etc ... I think I have to send them something by the end of this month. I better go check. Scary as the thought is (as it will be a much bigger audience of total strangers), I will stand up and read something. I am still far from perfect at reading. I get nervous. I bumble words. I fidget a bit. But, I feel more comfortable up there than I used to. And I get the job done. I get fans. I get people to listen. They hear me. They get me. They wish me well. It is better than I ever hoped for the first time I stood up and read my work. And every time I do it, I am grateful I did. I am grateful for all the good gifts sent my way because I dared. I am grateful for all the kind and wonderful people out there who really loved what I read. Every month I am reminded of why I do this. I get a little boost. It keeps me going with confidence, a smile and a good attitude.

If you dare, your dreams just might come true.