Jul 21, 2010

Word Herd

What every writer needs, fledgling or not, is support. Listening to folks tear apart the hard work is tough. But it's a tough business. It's something we've got to get used to. A critique group dishes it with love [one hopes, otherwise you need a new group] and with the intent of making the writer and prose better.

I met with my group again Monday night. We voted to name our team the 'Word Herd'. We invented the term, 'you're moving into ewok territory there'. We talked shop and then dished out the love.

I learn as much from helping my fellow writers as I do from their feedback on my stuff. I am better because of them. I got a comment on how polished my writing is. I have to thank everyone who has been in the critique group and my fellow guild members for that. I've really learned a lot over the past year I've been involved with my local writers group.

I had my one sheet and synopsis in the hopper this week. Very helpful. It will make my pitch stronger and better. Now I'm working up questions for the husband unit to play agent / editor. I need to get the words from my head and into my mouth. It takes practice. I've heard writers being asked about their platform and what they're currently working on. I have my elevator pitch ready and a summary. Any suggestions or thoughts on what else they might want to know?

I've been sticking to my goal of 1,000 words a day. Roughed out another new chapter today. I anticipate ending around 85,000 words. I'm at 72,000+ right now. So, 13,000 to go. Hit 600 tweeps today.

I keep feeling these pings of nerves, knowing what's ahead of me. And soon. It's impossible not to be nervous. I want this so bad, I can taste it. Karma owes me for Saturday big time. I'm requesting a cash-in on August 8th. Does it work that way? Ghost of Arthur C. Clarke I need you! WWACCD?