Jul 6, 2010

67,000 Words and Counting

Only a few weeks left. August 8th looms large. Gulp! Gets my nerves all tingly and jangling.

My head is down, my arms are holding out and I go at it about nine hours plus a day. It is amazing to me how much the plot has changed over the past few weeks and yet I don't feel daunted by it. I actually feel better about it.

Yesterday, as I hit 67,000 words, there were a few hours of panic as I realized I did not have enough room to accomplish my original plan. I didn't want to have to rush the plot. That never works. So, I had to come up with some sort of revision that made sense. Most of all, I have to feel good about it. At first, I balked at any sort of compromise. But then I realized, change meant I could make my life easier.

A few rambling e-mails to my video genius, some tense conversations with the husband unit, a heart pounding workout and then more discussions with my critique group last night, I feel confident about my decisions of changes to the plot. I'm actually jazzed about the shift in direction.

Although I still have a lot of work yawning before me, I feel some of the pressure lifted. If I keep at it, the changes should have me done or very close to it by August 8. Not only that, I feel I now have time to dedicate to getting the business end right and to prep for the interviews.

The plot has changed so much, I must completely rewrite the synopsis. I'm going to work on it this week, so my critique group can help me tweak it at the next meeting. Also need to work on the blurb [like what would be on the back of the book]. If I get those in order, I can get a more final version of the one sheet done. My chapter outline is moot, too. From chapter 41 on, delete. New chapters are coming in, though.

I am determined to finish. More importantly, I want a favorable outcome in August. So, I need to get my sales pitch up to snuff. Break? What's a day off? That's not in my volcabulary any time soon. Hasn't been for some time. I was telling my observatory buddies this weekend that my boss is a real slave driver. She makes me work all the time. If not on the manuscript, on research, reading the clients of the agents / editors I'm meeting with, the synopsis, the one sheet, getting my thoughts together, marketing, etc ... But I don't mind. I love what I do.

I might take a slight break after August. Probably not. I have two half written shorts waiting and novel#2 needs the spit and polish treatment I just gave novel#1. There's submissions and queries to get out. Fans to nurture. A sci-fi convention in November. Readings. Thus, more short stories to write. Novels #3 and #4 are waiting in the wings, waiting to come to life. Unless, I sell one of the first two and the buyer requests a sequel. Then 3 and 4 will have to wait longer. If not, I keep writing. I keep working and paying my dues.