Jul 19, 2010

70,000 600 and Still Going

Yup. 70,000 words and counting. Yeah I reported 67,000 words last time. When I revamped the plot, that scaled me back to 65,000. So I had words to make up. I've now been through the entire pre-written portion of the novel and am writing all new chapters until the end. Simultaneously, I've begun editing the earlier chapters. So I'm up to 17 on re-edits of edits. Necessary because of plot changes and perfectionist tendancies. I have approximately 15,000 words to go. About three weeks until my pitches. I'll be very, very close to finished. So, phew! The end is in sight. The end is in sight! Can't wait to type those words: 'THE END'. It's a thrill.

As thrilling as discovering new objects in the telescope. Added M80 [a star cluster not a firecracker] to my list of discoveries this weekend. Plus, we viewed Mercury in the 24 early in the evening on Saturday. So, now I've seen all eight planets. I think I picked out which dot was Pluto Friday night. Saturday I packed it in and went home before midnight.

I had to deal with some major a-holes, which makes me want the season to end. It's only half over though. Why some people have to resort to being dicks is beyond me. I was actually provoked into yelling, "Shut up or go home." Because some spoiled twit could not get over being asked to turn the flash off on her camera. Nights like that I wish we had more help. I really could have used some backup. Especially of the large, burly male type. It's hard when I'm so outnumbered. And, it's unpleasant to be given such a hard time about following the basic rules of being a guest of the observatory. I know I shouldn't dwell on the one a-hole. Everyone else was very pleasant and I enjoyed showing them the sky and answering their questions. But, it only takes one a-hole to spoil the bushel and turn the night sour. Enough on that, even though I'm still riled to rage by it.

I had a goal to reach 500 twitter followers before going to my pitches in August. I'm getting close to 600 now, so woot!

My pic of the Moon taken Saturday night made astrophoto gallery of the day on Twitter yesterday:

Now onto some silly fun, so I get out of my foul funk. My temper really knows how to hang around. It hangs on like honey. Anyway, got a quote or a story to go with this? Make me laugh.