Jan 17, 2011

Block Neverwhere and What's Pluto

Happy Monday everyone!

I had a terrible case of writers block end of last week. Just horrible. Granted, it was restricted to one story, but it drove me crazy. It inspired an article on the blasted ailment on my website: WRITERS DESK

I also updated my bio, calendar and news. Everything but Discovery, which I will update later this week. I also have a new poll and discussion up on the home page of my site.

What is Pluto?
What super power would you like to have? Replies limited to 250 characters. Hit the yellow 'discussion' on the left hand side at the bottom.

The next book in the Wistful Reads bookclub will be Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. He is always a treat and this book falls into the urban fantasy subgenre. Intrigued by lands like Narnia and Alice in Wonderland? This story may just be your thing. We'll talk about it more in March.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a tough go with a lack of inspiration on a short story rewrite end of last week. I loved the new 1st five pages, but could not figure out where to go from there. I struggled with all my devices and tricks for days with no luck. After writing that article, my muse found me again later that evening - just when I was about to put the piece down and get back to the novel or another rewrite.

After sitting and being still, I knew that story needed revamping. And I suppose the struggle was worth it as I am quite pleased with where it is going now. A friend's feedback has me quite focused and on track with it. I'm glad I invented multiple routes when stuck. When I am done with the rewrite, it will sit and be still once again since it is such a major overhaul of the story.

Have another rewrite slated after this one plus continuing on with revisions on novel#2. Also came up with 5 new short story ideas while trying to come up with something for the stuck piece. Did more submissions last week. Will keep at it. Onward and onward and all that.

What are your tricks when the muse leaves you high and dry on a piece?