Jan 10, 2011

Festing a New Beast, or Something Like That

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So, the beast died last week. RIP Wrongway. He's been replaced with a new beast, which I am very happy with thus far. It has no name yet. Although I am leaning toward naming it after the main character in my current WIP.

What a weakling I am, that I could not bear to go any longer than a few days without a desktop. Our routines and habits really do get ingrained, don't they? We rebel at any change to our ingrained habits or throw tantrums. Something to keep in mind in our writing. Huh? Everyday life is full of lessons.

Another is: always backup your work. Everyday. I lost nothing but a few emails.

I wrote a new short story last week. It needs a little bit of work, but the idea is there. I really enjoy writing cerebral, abstract crap - sort of like surreal paintings with words. Although I enjoy it, I have to tamper such stories with grounding. My crit group hates when I write that sort of thing. If I give them some grounding points, they do better with it. For now, the piece needs to sit and be still for a few weeks before I decide how it should be grounded.

Working on chapter 5 of the novel revisions. Finished the second total rewrite for "Beacons". One of my 'revise and resubmits'. I think I finally got it right. Also tweaked another short story which delves into the abstract / cerebral. It's a flash fiction. It's about ready to submit.

Did some submissions last week spurred by some encouraging rejection. Wierd how that can be motivation. Huh? Do you ever find rejection motivating? Got a good rejection story? I received one recently which said I should be flattered they read the whole thing. It gives me a chuckle, but I'm not really sure how to take that one.