Jan 24, 2011

Road to Authordom and Top Ten Blogfest

Take advantage of every opportunity around you and keep an open mind. Keep learning and reaching. Like everything in life, authordom is a process and a road - filled with bumps, holes and twists. Many a published writer I've met admits to writing several novels before getting 'the' nod. And that isn't the end of a bumpy ride. Seems the norm these days is two books then dropped. So be prepared. Take advantage to get as well known as possible and get connected with your readers, so you can carry on for yourself. Throw yourself full tilt into the marketing game. Do not depend on someone else to sell you. You should be selling you. This is your career. Take ownership.

I've been fortunate to have many local resources - the writers guild, my critique group and open mic at 2nd Sundays. To be known in your local community is a great resource when you get published. So if you haven't gotten out there yet and gotten visible, I highly reccommend it. It's probably the hardest thing for us introverted writer types to do.

Now onto the blogfest.

Top Ten Music Blogfest

sponsored by Alex J. Cavanaugh [busy working on the sequel to CassaStar].

I often use music to feed my muse. Muse is also a particular favorite band.

1.  Anything by Elvis Costello
2.  Anything by Muse, Uprising a particular favorite
3.  Air in G by Bach
4.  Paranoid Android by Radiohead - like many more songs, but this one is my favorite
5.  Caribou by the Pixies - like I said for Radiohead
6.  21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion
7.  Anything by the Cure - most favorite is Why Can't I Be You
8.  Can't Change Me by Chris Cornell
9.  Ball of Confusion by Love 'n Rockets - and like I said for Radiohead
10. Most anything by Cat Power

Not necessarily in this order except for Elvis C. Always #1 with me. And I need to squeeze my love of the legendary Freddie Mercury in somewhere. Another honorary mention: Rain by Breaking Benjamin. I could go on, but I won't.

My novels have theme songs. 1st one - Higher by Creed. 2nd - Paranoid Android. How about you? Do you use music in your creative process or to fuel your other passions? What about advice on traveling the rocky road to success? Those of you with a book or more published, what have you learned?