Jan 28, 2011

Early Elves and Slugman: Mesopotamia Statuary

Fridays at the Met. Click on any photo for a larger view.

Today we continue our foray into ancient Near East art.

Almost everything that exists today in high civilization began at Sumer - jobs, cities, laws, schools, 360 degrees in a circle and a dozen come from Sumer - their math was based on the number 6 - and urban is derived from Sumer's best known city, Ur. And according to a news program this week, accounting, too. Now there's a journalist after my own heart - speaking of Sumer in relation to modern times. In relation to anything, you'll get my instant undivided attention.

The first elf? I have to admit I find
this statue curious.

The two figures in the foreground seem to
merge together and form a slugman.
Hmmm, must write that down in my idea journal.

What never ceases to inpsire you?