Jan 7, 2011

The Egyptian Tomb

Fridays at the Met.

The holidays gave us quite a holiday from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We spent a lot of time trying to find our way to the Egyptian tomb. The museum winds about like a maze. It is a delightful maze to get lost in.

The riddle of the Sphinx -
refused to let me get a
clear shot. This one is the most
in focus.

The moat and buildings simulating the ruins as found in Egypt.
My niece and I were all excited about going inside the temple.

But you could only take a few steps
inside, which was disappointing.
There was this statue of half of a

Some castings of writings found inside the tomb

I was surprised at how similar some of the Egyptian engravings are to Sumerian / Babylon. I researched Sumer for my first novel. Ancient civilization often inspires me. Do you draw from history at all in your creativity? How do you use it, or avoid it?

PS, the PC is dead. RIP Wrongway. Seems the motherboard went caput. The good news, when I get a new PC I can recover the hard drive, and I back up my writing every day on a flash drive. I had not done so yet when Wrongway went black the other day, but had the latest novel edit sitting on my desk in printed form. So, no real disaster. Only I can't access anything on the PC until I replace it and plug in the old hard drive.