Jan 31, 2011

Hopping Projects and Outlaw Traitors in Derbyshire

This is right up some of your alleys. Ellie Garratt is hosting Top Ten Horror/Science Fiction Movie Quotes Blogfest on February 6. To sign up, click HERE.

Arlee Bird of Tossing it Out is hosting the A to Z Blogfest extravaganza in April 2011. Click HERE to sign up and read more about it.

Here's a great blog for you science buffs and sci-fi writers http://sciguy-science.blogspot.com/

Seems I am intending on entering three contests. One is local. Two are international. So, I've been working on short stories and am eyebrow deep in a novel revision. Deadlines looming, so excuse me if I'm quiet this week. I'll be busy kicking myself in the head and bitching at myself.

Have seven shorts out on submission. Got one rejection back already, but it wasn't unexpected. The piece didn't quite fit their niche. Shrug. But you never know unless you try. They encouraged me to submit again. So, that's positive. Already sent the piece out elsewhere.

Reading anything good these days? I'm reading The Traitor's Wife by Susan Higginbotham. I'm a huge fan of historical fiction. Maybe that doesn't surprise you, since I've done some posts on history. The beginning of this story was great. Seemed to sag for a bit, but is picking up again. Will see how it goes. As long as there's history in it, I'm happy. I love glimpses into other times. Always fascinates me.

I'm also reading Outlaw Tales of Oregon by Jim Yuskavitch. This is research for a future novel. I've been enjoying it. The outlaws are colorful and it gives me some insights into my state's history. Just finished Women's Voices From the Oregon Trail by Susan G. Butruille, which I loved. Also for research puposes. I found it a fascinating read. History is good enough for me, but mix in women's history and I'm extra interested. This book really gives a flavor of what it was like to travel the Oregon Trail. Sounds pretty horrible. Those were some hardy souls.

I'm also rereading Pride and Prejudice for about the 200th time prompted by a recent rewatching of the movie. The Keira Knightly version is my favorite. I'm a major Jane Austen fan. I watch the movies over and over [especially Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice] and read all her books over and over. If I'm not careful and overdo it, all my characters start speaking with English accents.

I really love reading old literature. People in other eras did not think the same as we do. I find those differences intriguing. It feels like time travel to me, so I get a rush out of it.

So, how's your writing / projects going? What are you reading?