Feb 2, 2011

What the Heck is a Gatoroid?

With a title like Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, saturday was a 'must watch' Syfy night for me. Tiffany also starred in my all-time favorite thus far, Mega Piranha which aired before the feature. The first time I saw Mega Piranha I missed the 1st twenty minutes, but no, they never explained why the fish exploded upon impact when attacking the town. No matter. It was still great that they did explode.

Seems Tiffany is a real menace. She must be stopped. First she created the mega piranha. Now she's created gatoroids. Gatoroids are gators she fed steroids to. Husband's favorite part was when a gatoroid gulped down a plane. My favorite was when a mega python swallowed a train.

There's also a big fight scene between Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Lots of death and mayhem. Lots of stupid decisions leading to more death and mayhem. Really liked when the gators and pythons teamed up and marched upon Miami. Looking forward to the next mega creature feature film.

Category 7: The End of the World - I'm confused as to how it starred Randy Quaid and Shannon Dougherty. It certainly explains why they were stuck in there at the end like an arbritrary scene [which still has me very disturbed]. Granted, I only came in at the last half of the movie [husband claims the two actors were in scenes at the beginning], so I can't judge the entire thing. I was entertained though. What was it about? I have no idea. Didn't get what the kidnapped kids had to do with the end of the world. Anyone see the whole thing? Do you know?

The Cape  / Waited a few weeks before giving my impressions on this one. So far, so good. The Cape harkens back to an old super hero feel ala Batman and the like. He has a lair and secret friends. Do carnivals and superheroes naturally go together? There seems to be a trend lately [the late Heroes]. Nice to see Summer Glau again. I don't think she aged a day.

This show reminds me of the old time super hero shows where glasses [in this case a mask] were enough to disguise your identity. And you wonder why people don't do things you would in a situation. Like, the bad guy could have snatched the Cape's mask off to find out who he is, but didn't. I know I would have. However, this sort of thing is part of the show's charm. Like in Batman and Superman.

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