Feb 18, 2011

Mondo Visits Cybex

My name is Mondo. I am a spaaace Cat.

Mondo [M]: Mr Snuggs, stop the ship!

Mr Snuggs [S]: Are we going to that planet?

Penny Paws [P]: The star charts say it's Cybex.

M: Puurfect. I always wanted to visit. Hello? Are you a Cybexian?

Robot: No. I am a robot.

M: Boooring!

S: But he's great for hiding, Mondo. We could have such fun!

P: There are all kinds of robots, Mondo.

Robot: Not all robots originate from Cybex. That kind does.

M: Ahhhhh! What's that? What's that?

M: Take that Cybug! And that!

P: Hurry and jump on, Mondo. I'll save you!

M: Let's get out of here. Cybex is not so great. I think that beady eyed droid stole my cat nip. Emergency! We must get back to civilized space.

M: Warp 9, Mr Snuggs.

I'm being interviewed today at Alexander Zoltai's Notes From an Alien. Alex is an interesting dude. I bumped into him on the Twitter. He has a book out called Notes From an Alien. Don't think I'm that interesting, but there you go. Pop on over.