Feb 4, 2011

First Written Language

Fridays at the Met.

Sumer had the first written language. Pictographs predated cunieform, and there was an intermediate writing. Sumerians kept meticulous records on clay tablets. Because of this, modern archeologists have been able to translate other ancient writings. Lexicons of the cultures they interacted with were kept.

Both of the above tablets are examples of the earlier pictograph writings.

This is an example of cunieform. The unique marks were made by
pressing a cut reed into wet clay.
I am such a Sumerian geek, I took to teaching myself to read and write the long dead language.

Still slaving away to meet a deadline. I'll talk more about it next week after it's done. I should be done soon and then will catch up with you all and return to cyberspace as a more active participant.

The first PMO meeting is tomorrow [Saturday]. I dreamed of it and telescopes and stars last week. I miss the observatory so much. I just hope I'm still here in May to indulge in my passion. I miss the mountain. I miss the view from the summit. I miss my buds. I miss the drive. I miss the crowds. I miss the telescopes. I miss freezing my ass off and not getting warm until the next day. I miss everything about it. Four more months, if we don't move. Longer, if we do. Siiiigh.

Are you a geek about anything? Please do share. :D