Feb 21, 2011

E. Coli and Original Art

What? Goodies came to me last week from a couple of awesome bloggers.

I got E. Coli in from Lydia's blog The Word is My Oyster. If you haven't found Lydia yet, she posts great diseases every Monday to get your inspiration going. She's inspired one of my stories and I have notes for others in my idea journal. Maybe getting E. Coli from her blog doesn't sound like the greatest endorsement, but it's not what you think.

Here is Makayla giving Mondo the evil eye. Those are her shoelaces on E. Coli's head. No way is she sharing with the likes of a Mondo. No self respecting cat would wear aluminum foil on its head anyway, she says.

Also last week, from the great Bloggerland, I received a Valentine made by Tabatha's daughter. I just love it! I put it in a place of honor on my bookshelf beside the pen Ursula K. LeGuin used to sign my copy of The Left Hand of Darkness. That way I can look at my speical art all the time. It's just to the left of my monitor and the wall of inspiration.

Have you run across Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference ? Her blog is always thought-provoking - full of beautiful art and poetry. I find her inspiring, too.

And the rest of you. Bloggerland is a very special and inspiring place. I consider myself fortunate to have bumped into all of you.