Feb 16, 2011

Invading Baggins and Gravity

Husband and I watched Iron Invader on Syfy Saturday night. The basic premise, a satellite infected by an alien bacteria crashes to Earth and animates a scrap metal sculpture which then goes off on a killing spree. It starred Major Lorne from Stargate Atlantis and Dax#2 from Deepspace Nine. Also appearing was Dr. Beckett from Stargate Atlantis with no Scottish accent. I scored bonus points for guessing why the daughter wasn't infected when she touched the alien bacteria. Not quite as campy as usual, it wasn't bad. I do love the camp, though.

I shall share with you one of my favorite videos - Leonard Nimoy and Bilbo Baggins. This always makes me smile. Thanks for the great entertainment, Mr. Nimoy.

While doing some research, I stumbled across this great sciencey blog. Selenian Boondocks. Thought I'd share.

Do you have a favorite bad song? Done any research lately?