Jan 5, 2011

Monolith Action Figure

My monolith action figure arrived! From ThinkGeek.com A very exciting day indeed!

Pristine in its unopened package.
It was larger than I expected and heavier.
There's more than one?
Mysteries of the monolith abound
Makayla gets into the sci-fi spirit of it all

It's filled with stars if I photoshop it
It's no shoe box
[shoe boxes are Nini's favorite kind of boxes]
 Oh what fun will spring from the monolith now that it's on my desk? Ghost of Arthur C. Clarke, it'd make a pefect home for you. What would you do with a monolith action figure?

ps, I am again having PC issues. I hope just the monitor blew and nothing more serious. Anyway, not having access to the PC at all is a problem .... Hope to be up soon and typing this message unnecessarily.