Apr 4, 2011

Cassini Reveals Saturn's Secrets

Cassini has been unlocking the secrets of Saturn and its moons for many years. Saturn has 53 named moons and nine little rocks that aren't.

My first novel was originally set at Saturn on Titan, but since NASA wasn't leaving any time soon and kept messing up my facts with new data, I moved to Neptune and Triton.

Saturn and Titan still fascinate me though. It rains natural gas on Titan and its lakes are of liquid ethane. Enceladus has great volcanic eruptions of water and ice.

Photo of Titan surface taken by the
ESA Huygens probe

Photo of Enceladus by Cassini.
You can see the eruptions.

Saturn's moon Mimas

A video about Saturn's Auroras

I still get a thrill when looking at Saturn in my telescope, especially if Titan is visible, too. A photo of the Titan surface taken by Huygens hangs over my monitor on the wall of inspiration. What Saturn's miniverse teaches us, is that the universe is an incredible place and things exist beyond our imaginations. Just a taste and a tease. What do you hope they find someday out there?

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