Apr 19, 2011

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Click on poster to enlarge, if you want a better view.

In it's honor, my poem, DreamPlay:

Video version [which was fun to do]

Copyright Spring 1982. Yeah, a blast from the past. I wrote this poem inspired by a poster that used to hang in my room. It was one of those black velvet deals [hey, it was hip at the time] with Pegasus flying through space. I still think of that poster a lot, it inspired so much wonder.

by M. Pax

Sailing on a comet's tail
the spinning sun zips by
singeing careless strands of hair
enchanted by its light

S c a t t e r e d pieces of glitter
stain the endless black
pouring through the Milky Way
into the limitless I seek

Tripping over Saturn's rings
I stumble from my ride
To take a tumble on the Moon
to land on Pegus's back

~ we cry ~

Lifting wishes from Orion's belt
while drifting on their sighs
I clasp one tightly and begin to dance
with wistful nebulae

Ah, so now we know where the name of this blog comes from. :) Are you celebrating National Poetry Month?

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