Apr 27, 2011


Without the evils ones, our favorite stories, shows and movies would be flat and unsuspenseful. Every good story needs a good bad guy or gal.

So, here is my ode to the wicked ones, the evil ones I've loved.

One of my favorite bad boys was Apophis on SG-1. Why? Because he enjoyed being evil. This alien with delusions of godhood had a real passion for it. He never made any apology for being what he was. Definitely my favorite Goa'uld.

Another favorite -- before he was humanized -- was Darth Vader. He was one scary villain in the original Star Wars. I didn't care for him being softened by understanding how he became what he became. I didn't want to know. I just enjoyed his evilness. Now he doesn't scare me so much. Pity.

When I searched for a photo of Vader, it reminded me of Box in Logan's Run. That was one disturbing robot.

So were the darleks. "Exterminate!"

Which leads to Terminator. The original. Arnold was dang scary.

Then there's Khan of Star Trek. Wasn't he delicious? And fun.

Londo of Babylon5. Fun and far from saintly. Many would probably not classify him as a villian, but he is wicked and often has nefarious motives. Yet I get a kick out of him.

The shadow things also in Babylon5 were scary. They made my skin crawl.

And the apes in Planet of the Apes, just the idea of them scared me. Loved the old movies and the old TV show.

And one of my all-time favorite movies, Psycho. Norman Bates.

And these things still scare the crap out of me.

What about you? Who are your favorite villians?

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