Apr 22, 2011

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Fantastic Friday Writers Features: Support Systems

Finding other writers to commiserate with in this business is a must. Who else understands the rejections and triumphs better. Who else understands how hard we work for peanuts or less. I'm a member of my local writing association, and through that I have my local critique group. We all root each other on and encourage each other. Through the Central Oregon Writers Guild, I've met so many people who have given me words and stories of encouragement. I'm not just a member, I got involved. I'm their blog director, sit on the board of directors and help out where needed. I believe: if you give, you get back. http://centraloregonwriters.blogspot.com/

I also usually attend 2nd Sundays at my local library, which is a group of local poets who sponsor a published writer. The first 40 minutes or so is all about the featured speaker. After that, there's an open mic. I've used it to improve my reading skills in front of an audience. I got my first fans through this program and not because they know me -- because they heard my work and loved it. Makes me all giddy that folks do love what I write. Applause now and then isn't over rated either.

I also have an online critique group of science fiction and fantasy writers, who have been a tremendous help. I'm grateful I bumped into them.

Then I have this policy -- never say anything negative about another writer, editor, agent or other person of note in this industry. Never. So, thanks to my husband for listening to me whine when I feel the need, and buoying me back up when I'm feeling more on the discouraged side.

And I'm thankful to my first real fan -- another writer who's actually published. You made my year, David. He fell in love with Plantgirl when I read it. And I'm thankful to the other writers I've bumped into along this journey who tell me to keep at it and keep going, and those who've told me I have talent. And thanks to the editors and agents who took the time to send me personal rejection with feedback. Appreciated. And the editors who wrote words of encouragement. So, yes, rejection can sting, but it can also be supportive. So, go for it and submit.

And thanks to Galaxy Quest for my favorite motto: Never give up, never surrender.

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Recently I went to the mailbox and found this in it.

I'm on page 151. So that's the third time Taste of Home has published me. Cool. Not as cool as The Tumbas being accepted into the Wandering Weeds anthology. Can find out more about The Tumbas HERE

So, yeah, tooting my own horn for T. How convenient T is involved in both publications.

Got something to toot about? What kind of support systems do you have?

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