Apr 29, 2011

Some call it Yeti, Some call it Bigfoot, Some call it Sasquatch and Zigra


On June 27, 2007, there was a Bigfoot expedition near Bend, Oregon. 35 Bigfoot research enthusiasts visited as part of a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) sponsored expedition. No sightings were reported.

I'm really sorry I missed that. I hope they come back. I'd definitely go on a Bigfoot hunt.

The Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon has been the location of numerous Bigfoot sightings since 1963. The observatory in which I work in the summers is in the Deschutes National Forest.

Did you read X on this blog? If you did, you know I have more crazy doings than yetis going on around me. Excellent. Hope I run into a yeti or alien one of these days. As long as they don't have huge, pointy teeth.

For more information on this expedition visit: http://bigfootsightings.org/2007/06/27/bigfoot-expedition-near-bend-oregon/

There are these strange stone structure on the summit of Pine Mountain, which we always get asked about. "What are those things?"

No one really knows. They make nice wind blocks though and a good place to rest my camera for a steady shot. Maybe that's their purpose. My usual answer though is, "They're Yeti houses." Well, just maybe they are.

Stone structures I call Yeti houses

Me at the summit with a yeti house behind me.
My favorite place on Earth.

Pine Mountain is my favorite place on Earth, always fueling my imagination with wild and spirited inspiration. Do you have a place like it?

I confess to struggling with Z. I honor Zigra. Z ode to Zigra and the Sci-fi B movie.

I love those old, bad movies. Until Mega Piranha came along, Gamera v. Zigra was my all-time favorite bad movie. Why? It made me laugh so hard, I missed half the movie. I saw it on cable one night way back when I lived in NYC and spent years tracking down a copy. I'm happy to say I have it on VHS and dvd. Others have touted its brilliance, too. I'm not the only one who thinks it's the best bad movie ever made. Well, it and Mega Piranha. These movies entertain me. My guilty pleasure. I hope Syfy keeps cranking out the newer versions of these campy movies.

Yeah, it was Zigra for Z or zilch. What'd you come up with?

This concludes the A to Z challenge. Whew! A great, fun and exhausting ride. Thanks to Arlee Bird of Tossing it out for starting this blogfest. I enjoyed it. It'll take me several more months to get through the rest of the blogs signed up. Now I go back to my 3x a week posting. :) Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

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