Apr 28, 2011

X-Files, Gangsta Cows and Millican

Hmmm. Blogger is messing with me. This post should have gone off hours ago.

 In 1993 an episode of the X-Files aired entitled 'Eve'. The fathers of two identical girls are found exanguinated in the back yard of their homes. Could these murders be a step-up in the series of accumulating cattle-mutilations in the U.S., or a missing link to a government project known as "The Litchfield Experiments"?

This bit of fiction - the cattle mutilations - was based on reality.

UFO's or black helicopters have been spotted near places where mutilations occured. So, come the conspiracy theories of aliens or the government.

Mutilations defined - blood drained and eyes, genitals, tongue and other soft organs removed with surgical precision without a bloody mess on the ground.

Hmmm, indeed. Although, animal mutilations have been reported around the US, areas around Bend, OR have been a hotbed for it since the late 1970's and early 1980's. One rancher reported to have regularly seen bright whilte flying saucers dragging, lifting, and throwing around steer with beams of energy. Unreal as that sounds, a dead bull was found in the top of a pine, mutilated.

In March 2000, two pairs of dead calves were found in the Millican Valley. The next day, eight more were found.

Here is the lovely town of Millican, which sits at the bottom of Pine Mountain [where the observatory at which I work is located]. So, was I wrong to suspect the rancher's gangsta cows? Local Astronomers Missing

Millican sits right before the turn off for Pine Mountian Observatory.
Yup, turn right onto the dirt road after Millican.

In the valley before the road winds up to the summit.

Cattle of Millican Valley. Are they really aliens?

I saw mysterious lights myself one night. I called them a UMO [unidentified moving object], which is fitting for a cow story. Umooo. They followed me in from the observatory. At first I thought it was another car. It's a very lonely road, more so at a late hour. So, you notice another car.

It was pretty far back. It gained on me some then next thing I knew it was on my bumper. Damn, I thought, that jerk must be driving 150 mph. So, I slowed down to let him pass me. But he didn't. So, I turned around and there was nothing there. It happened 2 more times. The second time I noticed the lights only showed up in 2 of my mirrors and not all 3. The lights were vertical and not horizontal. I thought it really strange and would love to run into them again some time. But I never have. Since then, I've heard other stories about lights on that same road -- the road that goes through Millican Valley. Click on any photo for a larger view.

Have you ever had an experience you still search for an explanation for? I look for those lights every time I come back from the observatory.

Ah, but this isn't the only weirdness lurking in my backyard. Nope. Tune in tomorrow for more weird. Any weird going on in your neck of the woods?

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