Apr 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubble!

It's been 20 years Hubble has been up there in the sky taking wondrous pictures of the universe for us to see. Thank you for the awesome trip, NASA.

http://hubblesite.org/  There's the site address if you want to thumb through the gallery.

Hubble isn't the only telescope up there. There's also Spitzer and Chandra. There's a buzz of activity out there in the solar system. They lost contact with Pioneer a few years ago, but it's still out there. It was about to leave the solar system, I think they said. There are missions at Saturn, Mars and Mercury. One on the way to Pluto. Another is visiting the largest minor planets in the asteroid belt. Cool.

I updated the blogs on my website:

Discovery [space & astronomy blog]: http://mpaxauthor.com/discovery.php  The new article is on launching into near space for about $150. It's definitely something I'd like to try.

Writers Desk [blog on writing]: http://mpaxauthor.com/writersdesk.php  I talk about committing and, like anything else you want to accomplish, coming up with a schedule.

I also updated Scoop [under News] , which is what I'm up to. Oh, and the calendar. So, I think I'm all caught up with updating the website.

Just finished putting some time in on my tumbleweed short story. It's moving. Still working on editing novel#1. Did not finish up the first part by the end of last week. But, I keep at it every day. It's going to take as long as it takes. I am hoping it won't take until August, but if it does, it does. I will keep at it until it's done. I will not rush it. I will take my time and polish it into the best product I can. It will tell me when it's ready. I'll feel it. I'll know.

Worked on the next story trailer this weekend. Well, Video Genius worked on the trailer. I gave input. Does she want to box my ears yet? Soon. Soon. LOL There's not much to be done on it. Just one bit needs some smoothing. Next up for video is to do trailers for the novels, so that I can send discs with my packets and hand them to the agents I'm meeting in August. They need to be ready. I need to be ready.

How's everybody's week going? Great? I hope to be hearing a lot of greats. :D