Apr 19, 2010

How the Pen's Shaking

You know that feeling when you're ovewhelmed and you feel like you're spinning your wheels? That's been creeping up on me lots lately.

It's because I haven't been able to do everything. With that said, I keep my focus on the main projects and sneak in the other stuff when I can jam it in. Makes for some slow progress on some things, but the main project stays on target.

So, when I see that, I feel better. Editing and getting the first novel in shape is my main priority. The momentum is rolling, so I keep on with it. If I lose it, I'll lose time. I'm actually pleased with how it's shaping up. Very pleased. I'm on target for getting the first part of it completed this week. So, I'll be close or on time with hitting that milestone. The second part is still reading well.

I haven't gotten to much extraneous reading. Made no headway on my 'homework' for August. End of June I have lots of hours to kill in airports and on planes, so can catch up then. I hope. I sneak in some great space opera when I can.

My tumbleweed story rolls along ... pun intended. I sneak some time in on it in the afternoons . I'm very pleased with how it's reading thus far. As long as I keep adding little bits to it on a consistent basis, it will roll toward completion. So, that is what I aim to do.

It's my strategy with all the other projects swamping my inbox - little bits at a time on a consistent basis. It may take me longer to get them done, but I keep things moving. Then I don't feel so mired or overwhelmed.

For the main project, one chapter at a time. For the other things, an hour here for that one, an hour there for that one, etc ...

It may take longer than I'd like to get some things done, but they will get done. I can accept that. Well, I have to or give up sleep. I like sleeping, though.

My writing group met Saturday. I read them chapter 3 from novel#1.  Got to hear chapter one from one colleague and a continuation of adventure from another. I enjoy reading the other works. It's amazing how one person doesn't like something and another loves it. It proves how diverse tastes and audiences are.

How's your week shaping up?