Apr 14, 2010

A Woot For Mega Piranha

I love a good, bad movie. The kind that makes me laugh and I have a lot of fun watching. Mega Piranha on the SyFy channel Saturday night definitely scratched that itch. I'd have to rank it up there with my all-time favorite, Gamera vs. Zigra. The only thing better than giant reptilges in my opinion [yes, I loved Jurassic Park, only the first one though, don't get me started on #2], is giant man-eating, exploding fish.

There were fish leaping out of the water, attacking towns and people. Exploding! I didn't get why the fish were exploding, having missed the first 20 minutes. But, it didn't matter. It looked great and I enjoyed the flare of unexpected.

The fish ate boats and the highlight was one leaping out of the water to devour a helicopter. I hope I'm not spoiling the plot for you here. I definitely had a great time watching it. I don't know how SyFy is going to top that one.

Another good episode of Stargate Universe. More aliens and more battles. Yeah, let's have a little more of that. A little more action, or as Elvis would say, a little less conversation. Character-driven is good, but let's not go at it at the expense of putting us on another world rife with aliens and the unexpected. Get out the phasers and find some life not as we know it ... Colonel. I guess it's the zats in that show, not the phasers.

Lost trots on toward the end. So, is Desmond the new Jacob? Will they leave the island? Pass a can of Dharma beer. Is it more tropical with coconut in it? Hmmm. There was some Sawyer. So, that was good. It was a dose of Hugo's alternate life. Four more to go.

I think that was all the sci-fi I watched this week. I did watch a documentary on the expanding universe and another on the Phoenix robot on Mars.

What'd you see? Anything good?