Apr 16, 2010

Tumba Wumba

I hoofed it through Tarjay, Petsmart, Trader Joes & Whole Foods. I'm mad that Tarjay quit selling Aveeno body wash. I have mega piranha sized problems with soap. So, I am a religious Aveeno devotee.

I found non-soap at Whole Foods. I'll give it a go ... or part of me is saying: don't be stupid. Do I really want to be slathered for two weeks in cortizone cream if my experiment doesn't work out? Maybe I should try it before the Aveeno runs out. If I have to go to another store, I will.

On the positive side, a couple of people asked me for my card so they can look me up on the web. I could be famous in town before I have a reason to be famous if I keep at it. I could become the Paris Hilton of Central Oregon. Hmm. I don't think that's how I want to brand myself though. :)

Nini was just hollering to watch TV, so I went down and turned it on for her. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes. What's worse? That my cat asks to watch TV or that I understand and go turn it on?

Makayla will come down when we put Star Trek on. It's pretty funny. She hears Kirk's famous "Space" and it never fails to bring her down to the couch to hang out. They both seem to enjoy Stargate, too. At least they have good taste.

I realized today that the observatory opens in 1.5 months. Wow. Time flies. I'll have to have Husband check the inside of my telescope for spiders.