Apr 27, 2010

Today's Oxymoron

Did you see one today?

I did. I was out running errands: library, gas, post office, Home Depot and then Whole Foods. I was out of apples and only Whole Foods has my Pink Ladies. As I was explaining to a lady at Trader Joe's last week, I've become an apple snob. They also carry these really excellent grapes, muskats. Mmmmm.

Anyway, so I'm walking out of the story with my organic, healthy bounty and there are people sitting outside the health food store smoking. I had to laugh. You're going to spend all that extra money on organic groceries and smoke?

Well, made for amusing fodder. I don't think 'oxymoron' would have popped into my head today otherwise.

The best part was when I got home. There was Star Trek: TOS season three sitting on the doorstep. Yip! Since we only have one more episode to go.

TV cat Makayla will be happy. It's her favorite show. Last night we started Star Trek and she came running down the stairs and flew onto the couch between us. She was absolutley riveted. I'm beginning to think she has a crush on Mr. Spock. Maybe cause he has pointy ears like a cat. He was making some radio contraption last night and Makayla was fascinated by that thing. Or was it Spock? Hmmm.