Apr 5, 2010

MPaxAuthorland Stardate 05.04.10

So my break didn't last long. One day. That's all I managed. I did find a pair of rocking pants though. And a pair of shoes. The shoes were harder than the pants. What's with all the hooker shoes? Not the impression I want to make. Ever. I managed to find a smart, sexy pair that did not tout me as selling something I'm not. Finally. Gees.

One day off was all I could stand. My fingers itched to get back to the keyboard. My brain twitched to get into the stories that needed tending to.

I got a first draft ready of my next flash fiction Saturday morning. Read it for my critique group. Found it's direction there. I'm still working it into shape. It will be done by Sunday. I will be reading "Small Graces" on Sunday if they are having open mic at the library. Sounds like they have a special program going, so I'm not sure. If there is no open mic, I will save it for another Sunday. That's fine. I will go and be in the company of other writers. That's fun in itself.

Did another edit on "Semper Audacia" this morning. I should begin submitting that shortly. Kim & I have been discussing the trailer for it.

I got through chapter 7 of my reading of novel#1. I know I'm not supposed to touch it, just read it. But I can't help myself. I fill out my chapter forms as I go along. I make notes and corrections. It's not bad, but it needs some help. It will be stronger and better. So far, it doesn't seem like too much work to get it into shape. I am still having trouble with one issue I've had with the first 17 chapters all along, that kept nagging. I haven't resolved the logic of it yet. I'll keep thinking. Inspiration will hit at some point. Hopefully before I finish reading. I'm not typing in the changes, etc ... yet. I'm saving that part for later. Just reading with pen in hand, chapter forms and post-its.

I have a workshop this coming Saturday, so will need to revise chapters 1-3 for that. Perhaps I can get back at my half-written short story this week, too.

Lately Arthur Dent keeps popping into my head, "Don't panic." That is my quote for the week. Don't panic.

Which leads to Wash, "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."

How are things shaking with you?