Apr 21, 2010

Sentiments on Juniper ... TV Cats Say ...

One of the things I love most about the high desert is the constant perfume of juniper, sage and cedar. From afar, the landscape looks, sparse, short and scrubby. When you're in it, it's much thicker and much more colorful. The colors of the high desert have grown on me. I've come to love them more than the lush greens of the Valley. [Willamette Valley]

What I like least about juniper, is when it is blooming in the spring. I start wheezing and sneezing. That I can handle. Worse is the dry, sandpapery eyes, the itchy eyes and the swollen eyes. That's the part I don't like. And, allergies can make me feel sluggish and dopey. I don't care for that either.

The TV cats this week give eight paws up for Stargate Universe. I've missed those mysterious story arcs the original [SG-1] did early on its run with the Asgard and the Ancients. Seems like Universe is starting one of its own. Aliens who can create solor systems? That's intriguing. What would they be like? They seem to be striking more of a balance between character-driven and action. We've not been to Earth for awhile. Good. I like staying on the ship and seeing what's out there. That's what I liked best about SG-1, going through the gate every week.

May 23 is the finale for Lost. Although, I've enjoyed it, it's the type of show that needs a built-in ending. I think many shows would benefit from a limited run - more drama, less draggy stuff. Maybe it's something they should think about in the TV world. Anyway, another round of up paws for Lost.

We watched Riverworld on the SyFy channel on Sunday night. It was actually pretty good. Husband claims the first one was better, but it had no ending. This one had an ending. A very trippy sort of ending. My kind of thing. I like something I can gnaw on and think about. Six paws up.

I've taken to getting dvd sets from the library lately and watching TV that way. I actually like that better. No commercials and I get to go at my own pace and select my own programming. Lately, I've seen the first seasons of Rome and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I got introduced to Torchwood that way and have enjoyed the Tudors very much from the library. I've ended up purchasing later seasons of the Tudors and Torchwood. Going to put in requests for season 2 for both Rome and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Husband claimed he wasn't interested in Rome, but then he got into it, too. We both enjoy Titus and his soldier buddy the most. So, yeah, I like history.

Eight paws up for all of those.

Season three of Star Trek: TOS is on its way. Yaaay.

From: Court Martial

Areel: Do you think it would cause a complete breakdown of discipline if a lowly lieutenant kissed a Starship captain on the bridge of his ship?

Kirk: Let's try.