Apr 23, 2010

Terror in the High Desert 3

Part Three - Sirens at the Earth's Core

"It's tomorrow already." The gripe didn't make the descent go any faster. The darkness cloyed around Britt's headlamp. It refused to part. Neither Paul above nor Jen below breached its dense curtain. Britt felt very much alone, swallowed up by the Earth.

How far did this tunnel go?

She heard scraping below. Must be Jen and must be the bottom.

Relief washed over Britt's straining muscles. Already she dreaded the ascent. She hoped there was something to look at down there. Some excuse to rest.

"This was a stupid idea," she called out. Her voice went nowhere. It fell down the pit like lead. Listless. Soundless. It was strange.

A gray smudge broke through the smothering black. "Jen?"

No answer. The light grew brighter, then glared like the sun.


Solid rock met her feet. Britt tested it before unclipping from the line. "Jen?" Was she deaf or what? Britt called louder. She followed the beacon. It didn't seem far. So, why couldn't Jen hear her?

Then she screamed. Shrill. Parting the dark from the really dark. Brit kept on screaming. And screaming. And screaming. This couldn't be real.

Hmmm. Shocking? Scary? Both? Oompa Loompas gone mad? Or something else?

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