Oct 12, 2010


I'm going to start today with the awesomeness of my friend, Loretta. She graciously created the most fantastic art for one of my stories, Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge. My imagination created a world to which stock art would not do. So, I am very grateful to Loretta for taking this on and giving me something as fantastic as the story. Stopover is one of my favorite pieces. Take a gander at the fantastic art. http://lorettasjourney.blogspot.com/2010/10/day-425-determined-toon.html

She also graced me last week with a friendship award, which I will pass on to my video genius and back to Loretta. Not only does Nicole/Raven create awesome videos for me, she never complains about the rambling e-mails I send her. When I get stuck in the process, I write her e-mails that go on and on. Often, by the end of the e-mail, I work out my own problem. I send them to her anyway. Sometimes I don't work out the issue and she helps me out. She's been through all the reincarnations of my first novel, all of my short stories and the second novel. She's heard my musings on the third and fourth novel ideas. I e-mail her my work everyday. She acts as a 2nd, 3rd and 4th backup in case this computer commits suicide by setting itself on fire like the last one. I lost my entire hard drive except for my writing. Phew! She's as much a sci-fi head as me, which is how we met. A very talented and invaluable friend.

Loretta, too, has been an awesome friend. Not only for making the awesome artwork, but for being supportive and encouraging as well. In this profession of mine, the more support the better.

It's awesome friends that make a great day. I am honored to be surrounded by so many amazing people with amazing talent. Say what you will about the internets, I've met some wonderful people in cyberspace. I am grateful for Loretta and Video Gal and the rest of you in my life.

I did read Under the Moon on Sunday. It went very well. Met more people. They seemed to really enjoy the story, which makes me happy. I'm glad to get the learning curve out of the way on this aspect of an author's life.

Evil Dead the musical was hysterical. As long as zombies are singing and dancing, they're OK. We had a good time. I was one row away from the splatter zone, so got splattered. They pretty much got the whole audience in the last act. I recommend it. Highly amusing and ... different. We were all definitely entertained.

I've begun the spit and polish on my second novel. I wrote up the character goals, motivations and conflicts over the weekend. I'm really excited to get back into the story and mold my sorry ashtray into a masterpiece vase [pronouncing voz]. That's how I think of writing. I throw down the clay and mold and form it until it's pretty.