Oct 22, 2010

Fort Rock

Fort Rock was once a volcano under water. A little east of Bend begins the northern edge of the Great Basin, a shallow sea once upon a time. Natives used to canoe over to Fort Rock, which was an island before the great volcanic eruptions which covered this area in lava. The oldest pair of shoes were found in a cave at Fort Rock, about 9,000 years old. A pair of sandals woven from native plants that still grow in this area.

Surrounding landscape

Fort Rock, OR
 Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of Fort Rock, OR. Next week we shall travel to Crack in the Ground.

I have to say, I think I live in the most awesome place on Earth. I had no idea how much I would love Central Oregon before we moved here. But I do. Growing up on the Great Lakes, I cringed at the idea of a desert. So, yeah, it surprises me. A lot.

Now it seems we might have to move back to Portland. I am more heartbroken than I know how to express. The tears are chapping my face. My insides feel battered by shards of glass. Siiigh.