Oct 27, 2010

Crack in the Ground

Crack in the Ground is just outside the town of Christmas Valley, OR. Like Fort Rock, it was once part of a vast inland sea. It is said, Crack in the Ground was formed by a lava tube under the water. Native lore says it and Hole in the Ground were created by Giants. Giant aliens? Hmmm. I'd have to go with that theory. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you.

Christmas Valley, OR

Christmas Valley is dotted with corporate farms and not
much else. The soil is very silty. So I can believe it
was once all covered by a sea. I had as much sand in
my shoes as if we went to the beach.

Entrance to Crack in the Ground
The temperature inside Crack in the Ground is about 20 degrees cooler. The pioneers used to have picnics in it during the summer. Natural air conditioning. Snow usually does not melt in the crack until sometime in July. They used it to make ice cream. Who'd think to go to the middle of nowhere for ice cream?

There is some rock climbing to be done inside the crack, but nothing too strenuous. I don't care for heights at all and I didn't have too much trouble.

looking up

Proof the area was once under water

Above Crack in the Ground
It was a very otherworldy place. I read a ley line runs between Crack in the Ground and Hole in the Ground. Visiting was research for my third novel. Wonderful research it was. Thank you Weird Oregon for the mentions. Otherwise I never would have known about these places. I am certainly glad I got to see them. And I am glad I have pictures a plenty to look back on and remember the beloved years spent in Central Oregon.

Next week I shall introduce you to some of the creatures I met at Crack in the Ground.

When you are out in nature without any civilization to be seen, the Earth hums. Husband and I could hear it plainly at both Hole in the Ground and Crack in the Ground. There are many other places out here in which I hear our world's place in the Universe. Awesome!

Where have you been where you can hear the Earth?