Oct 4, 2010

By the Light of the Cheeto Moon

I played with my filters last week and took photos of the moon in different colors. Our favorite was red. The light blue seemed to allow me the best photos however.

Yes, I miss the observatory. It was really weird not to head out there Friday and Saturday night. Click on any of the photos to enlarge the view.

Through the light blue filter, the moon looks nautral.
The moon is made of green cheese. Didn't you ever hear?

Yellow moon was very glarey. It did not cooperate
with photographic efforts. Nor was it friendly
to the eye.

Blue Moon. Left me standing alone in the dark with Orson by 10:30.
Skeery! Red was the easiest on the eyes. It cut
the most amount of glare. Too much for the camera.
But it still looks cool.
Cheeto Moon. Looks like someone took a bite out of the bottom. Mmm. Cheesy.

My desktop is having internet issues again. I'll catch up with you all when it gets fixed.