Oct 15, 2010

Hole in the Ground

Well, my PC is still not connecting to the internet. Plus, the husband unit has been on vacay. So, we've been out and about.

First off - Happy Birthday Husband!

Yesterday I baked his birthday apple pie. He prefers pie to cake.

It's a big weekend of literary events. The Guild's annual event, Literary Harvest, is tonight. Tomorrow is an all-day workshop.

Hole in the Ground is an old volcanic crater. Because there is little rain on this side of the Cascades, it did not form a lake like Crater Lake. It was a great hike. We didn't see another soul.

Steep Trail
A mile across

To my left

To my right

At the bottom
Wouldn't be a photo journal from me without
pics of plantlife

Took the trail thru the foret back up
A burnt tree & a bleeding tree intertwined

Back at the top