Sep 16, 2011

Coming Attractions

I'm over at Wicked Writers today, talking about my upcoming career plans. Come on over for a visit: WICKED WRITERS

The countdown to Semper Audacia's release has begun

Speaking of coming attractions ... sometimes we can't see the consequences of what lies ahead from what we do. Sometimes, something marvelous happens though. A seed brings something unexpected. What treasured days those are.

The husband unit and I put a bird feeder in the backyard, and a whole forest of sunflowers sprang up.

I've begun posting a daily moon / observatory photo on Twitter. Another seed with unexpected results.

In other news, RIP Andy Whitfield. What a damned shame. Condolences to his wife and family. I was so saddened to hear he lost his battle with lymphoma. I lost a sister-in-law to it about five years ago and a good high school friend to Hodgkins. Andy was the star of Spartacus.