Sep 23, 2011

iPhoning in the 1980's

Guest post by Nicki Elson. She blogs at Nicki Elson's Not-So-Deep Thoughts. If you haven't met Nicki yet, you should. She's very entertaining and funny. I'm enjoying her Three Daves, which is on my Nook. She suckered me in with the 1980's. That was my decade.

Thanks, M.Pax, for so graciously inviting me to your place for my Blog Blitz to celebrate the brand new book cover for my novel, Three Daves, and to let everyone know about the big September-only 99 cent eBook sale of this 1980s chick lit/romance (Kindle, Nook, eBook and ePub).  
We’ve been to some amazing places here at Wistful Nebulae—adventures in space, across incredible vistas, and into the future.  But now we’re going somewhere…else.   I couldn’t find an affordable DeLorean, so climb into this choice (boat-sized) Bonneville, and we’ll book-it back to the 80s!  Are you totally stoked?
You see, I refuse to get an iPhone or anything of the like.  I survived the 80s without one, and I certainly don’t need one now.  So our mission today is to prove that anything the iPhone does, we were already doing in the 80s.  Oh hey, there’s Gordon Gecko—somebody grab that thing out of his hand.  No, it’s not a mini-refrigerator!  It’s a cell phone, you dweeb. 
Okay now, see that guy who looks like he’s jammin’ to tunes over there?  What?  Yes, I know it’s not winter…earmuffs?  Oh, like, I’m so sure!  Those are Walkman headphones.  Grab ’em.  Yeah, that box clipped to his waistband too.  Awesome, now to my old boyfriend’s house for the Betamax!  Well, no doy VCRs took over, but his dad didn’t know that was going to happen, and his family has a mondo collection of movies in Beta.

Cool beans, looks like we have everything.  Huh?  The iPhone can record movies too?  Wait, I think there’s a basketball game at the high school tonight—my dad’ll be there video taping my pom-pom routine.  We totally rocked Madonna’s “Material Girl,” by the way.  There he is, the guy in the crew cut holding the ginormo camera.  Be careful of the gnarly handle on that thing.  Should we grab the duffel bag too?             

Okay, we’ve finally got everything and can return to 2011 to veg out with all the electronic entertainment we could possibly ever want.  Wh-what’s that you say?  Internet access?  Dude, you’re just spazzin’ cuz of all this time travel; the internet’s a myth.  It’ll never happen…

 Thanks, Nicki for such a great adventure. Come back any time.

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So were you around in the 80's? That was my decade. Any memories to share? I remember Members Only jackets and the music video. Do they even make videos any more?