Sep 28, 2011

One More Week

One more week until Semper Audacia's release. :D

Alone. Leda is the last living member of the brigade, the sole defender of her world. War took everyone she knew, leaving her in the company of memories and ghosts. Or is it madness?

The siren blares. The enemy is coming. Or is it? The approaching vessel isn't a friendly design, but it answers with the correct code. Leda must figure out whether the arrival is reinforcements or the final assault. In an aging flyer, she ventures out to meet her world's fate, the last stand.

I'm working on a press kit today and some guest posts, getting all ready for next week and the big day. I'll have the links posted up next Monday. I'm really pleased with how this story turned out and with how the next release, Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge, is shaping up.

Tomorrow I go back to writing, getting Backworlds #2 [working title: Boomtown Craze] and The Augmentation of Hetty Locklear [previously untitled, thank you Husband Unit] farther along. Next week I start polishing the rest of Stopover at the Backworlds' Edge, so that I can get it to the editor's. I need to keep working on the WIPs while I do so and promote Semper. Thank goodness the observatory closes after this weekend. It'll give me more time.

Here's some new releases by bloggyland friends to check out:

Francine Howarth has a new ebook out: The Highwayman's Mistress

The novella is set in 1792 - 1793 respectively: the era of the French Revolution.

Richard Courtenay Viscount Somerton, gallant as heroes come, has agreed to see Miss Diamonta Whitaker, safely delivered to the Palace of Versailles. Half French by birth and daughter of a French countess, Diamonta has more than one reason for accepting a gracious invite to stay at the Royal Court at Versailles. Her heart lies at court, with Francois de Boviere, Count of Saint Mont Marche.

Unfortunately, tide of revolution has swept from Paris to Versailles and heads of French aristocrats are seriously under threat of Madame Guillotine. With Diamonta's coche still en route to Versailles, strange as it seems a highwayman delivers a message by way of robbery to save her life. Can she, upon return to England, ever recover from her mother's wrath once her relationship with a highwayman is discovered, and can he survive a duel to the death?

Available on AmazonUK Kindle. Francine blogs HERE.

And the lovely, JL Campbell, blogging at The Character Depot, has two releases up on Smashwords.

Giving up the Dream, Free Read

Love, honour and obey. In a perfect life, these promises are easy to keep. When faced with spousal betrayal, idealistic oaths take a back seat. Justine Charles made the ultimate sacrifice for her dying husband. Will she rally after his death or be forced to give up a final chance at happiness?

Download in any format from Smashwords.

Now also available for 99 cents on Amazon.

Don't Get Mad Get Even

What choices do you have when you are abused, cheated on and left with a trail of broken promises? Don’t Get Mad…Get Even. Take an inside look at Jamaican culture and lifestyle through a collection of award-winning stories. You will laugh, cry and commiserate with a compelling cast of characters, who conquer their challenges in unique ways.

A bargain at 99 cents from Smashwords

Now also available on Amazon

I have failed in finishing Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, the Wistful Read for the book club, before the end of September. Sorry, China. I've been enjoying it and am about halfway through. Should get to posting about it sometime in October.