Sep 5, 2011

Those to Follow and 7x7

It's a holiday weekend in the US. I'm out in the wilds of Oregon somewhere ...

Here are some great blogs you should pop in on and follow:

Libby Heily - Libby recently published two books of short stories, which I love. They're fresh and different, like she is. She's adjusting to a new schedule, but she's worth a follow.

Suze, The Girl Wizard - Many provoking and thoughtful posts that transform everyday life into an art form. Suze is a great read and a great follow

Christine Rains - Fun and fresh writer with a bold streak. I've enjoyed following her adventures.

Tonja, Tonja's Musings - Her journey has been wonderful to follow. She's genuine and writes about her life in tidbits that are relateable.

L.G. Smith, Of Bards and Prophets - Another wonderful follow. Inspiring and insightful posts.

Thank you to C. Lee McKenzie of The Write Game for bestowing the One to Follow Award on Me. It makes me happy to pass it on.

From L. G. Smith of Bards and Prophets I received the 7x7 award.

Most Beautiful -- Every post featuring other writers and their work. They deserve more accolades than they get. Whether Indie or otherwise, writing a book takes the same amount of work. Everybody works hard at it.

Most Popular - Lost in Space from the AtoZ challenge. It went viral and continues to get the most views every week. Guess I should do more old sci-fi TV show posts.

Most Helpful - Story Trailers on a Shoestring Budget. This was one of the first posts I wrote for this blog. Way back when ... when crickets sang. :) This will have to be updated sometime in the future as my video gal is searching out new software as the new version of moviemaker is not as good as the old XP version. Hope she finds one soon. Stopover is going to need a new trailer since the rewrite.

Most Controversial -- I really don't post anything controversial, unless you want to count discussions on epublishing. But i don't. So instead, I present my first post on Gangsta cows. Meet the Gangsta Cows.

Most Surprisingly Successful - At the Keyboard. Why this post continues to get views every week is beyond my understanding. It was a run-of-the-mill progress post. Shrug.

Most Underrated - All my posts featuring photos from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click on 'Met' under labels. The reason I got to go there last fall still makes me sad, but it was good to be in Manhattan again. It'd been 20 years since I moved away.

Most Pride Worthy - I loved writing this post. It was a blast. It's been getting a lot of hits this week. Don't know why. Local Astronomers Presumed Missing.


C. Lee McKenzie
Madeleine, Scribble & Edit
Golden Eagle
Alex J. Cavanaugh
Michael Offutt, SLC Kismet
Miranda Hardy
Tara Tyler, Tara Tyler Talks

To everyone who stops by and reads my blog, thanks for the support. This ride is progressing beautifully because of all of you. To you I present the "You Rock" award.

Give yourselves a round of applause. :) I'm giving you a standing ovation.