Sep 7, 2011

What Made a Difference Recently

It's easy to get down now and then. We're in a tough industry and have to deal with a lot of rejection and judgement. It can take it's toll.

Somehow we have to pick ourselves back up and keep going. Somehow we have to find a way to make the stings not matter so much. Is it easy? No.

Usually I call up my list of successes. Most aren't tangible, but I have fond memories of winning over excited fans at readings and I have received some nice rejections. I thumb through it all when I need to.

Recently, I read John Locke's book, How I sold One Million eBooks in Five Months. Although the techniques and tips are why I purchased the book, what made it worth the purchase was the boost in confidence the pages gave me. The whole world doesn't have to love us, and they're not going to.

We must discard the haters, as they're not our target audience. Obviously. We should write to the people who love us. And, some will. Those are the people we're to pay attention to.

A few days later, most of my crit group was at our monthly Guild meeting (where I read Translations). I had sent them the first three chapters of the novella I plan to publish after Semper Audacia, and they said to me that they didn't think I needed them any more. It was a nice thing to hear, but I won't attempt writing without garnering their opinions.

So my advice is, hang onto the golden moments like a vice and never let go. Replay them as often as you need to. We will all grow and improve and sometimes hit home runs. We tend to ignore those moments and concentrate on the darker ones. Well, at least I do. My husband will tell you how I obsess over those, which is why he thinks spouses of writers need a support group, too. Thanks to him for listening, ad nausea, to all my obsessing.

And, thanks to all you lovely bloggy people. You make this journey easier, too. Couldn't do it without you :) Major thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for starting this group.