Sep 12, 2011

I Went Nook

After a lot of thought and research, I decided to purchase B&N's Nook. I got the simple touch reader, and I lurves it. Even better, it's currently filled with reads from so many lovely authors out in bloggyland: Brondt Kamffer, Peggy Bechko, Libby Heily, Me, Lindsay Buroker, Melissa Bradley, N.R. Williams, Laura Eno, Alexander Zoltai, Brian Hutchinson, Jon Mac, Dale Mayer, Carolyn Arnold, Nomar Knight, Frances Pauli, Nicki Elson and Jaleta Clegg. Fabulous.

I debated between Nook and Kindle for quite awhile. The touch screen swayed me. The lack of bells and whistles and crap I don't need swayed me. The simplicity of adding files to the Nook swayed me. We don't have wifi at home, but I can download to my PC, plug the Nook in like a thumb drive and transfer the files over.

The Nook is lighter than a paperback and uses the eInk technology. Now I can catch up on my backlog of ereading. Well, most of it. Some of the publications I already had wouldn't convert. Pity. It takes me eons to get through anything on the PC. When I read, I like to go relax. The ereader is just like a book, but it's a whole library in one.

I found this free software called Calibre which will convert files from one ereader type to another. Some of the Kindle files it wouldn't convert and a couple of the others. Boo!

I read Translations end of August and I had downloaded my own story from B&N, then read it off my Nook. Cool. Rad cool. It was my best reading ever. I did voices and hand gestures and all that. Maybe because I was so thrilled to have downloaded my own stuff from a bookstore. Maybe all the previous practice paid off.

Anyway, there's a B&N less than two minutes from my house, and I meet my local crit group there every couple of weeks. I can read books for free in the store on my Nook while I wait for them to show up. It'll be an incentive to get there early. :) Plus, I can read library books on the Nook, and even lend other Nook readers one of my books for a few weeks, or borrow one.

Will this replace all my book buying? Probably not, (I just purchased book 2 in George RR Martin's series on sale at Target and preordered Tanya Huff's 5th book in the Valor/Confederation series -- if I'm going to pay as much or more for an ebook, I'll opt for the regular book) but it may lessen that growing pile in the corner over there ... I think it's about to eat me.

I love that I have so many of you on my Nook. I carry you around and show you off, say how I know almost every author on it. I love the touch technology ... almost like turning a page, but a little more fun.

So, do you have an ereader? I'm definitely a convert.